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All the best to my Dublin bound clients and their owners

Vet- Laminitis case

This was a 14hh pony that was referred to the vets due to a serious case of laminitis. The pony was crippled lame and was standing with his weight on the heels of his feet. He was on bute and a deep bed to ease the pain associated with laminitis. When being shod the pony…

Vet referral

      After having a horse being referred to me from the vet it was suggested that egg bar shoes were fitted. The horse was lame and had ‘long toe low heel syndrome’  The client hadn’t been able to ride for 6 months, after shoeing they were able to hack on the road. Hopefully…

New Apprentice!!

The new apprentice has started working, not sure how much shoeing Rosie will do though